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Every day, more of us come to the realization that change comes from within.
When we come in contact with the information about the existing resources that are readily available in our own communities and in platforms like the internet we get a sense for a new purpose; to join the on-going efforts of re-defining our relationship with each other and the awesome planet we inhabit. Our journey can be about harnessing success through a life with purpose.
Small individual actions, multiplied by thousands of people can transform the reality of other living beings and our planet Earth, because, as Jane Goodall says "Every individual matters. Each individual has a role. Each individual makes the difference"

Aware Nations works as a Dynamic Awareness Center where anyone can come in contact with result-oriented tools and methods that have proven successful in different parts of the world.
Aware Nations, with the support of technology and its immediacy aspires to get to know and replicate from anywhere on Earth, the actions of individuals and companies, who have already begun to reduce their negative impact on the planet, or who are dedicated to promote a positive change in their community perspective, recognizing us, all equal, with the same rights and duties

AwareNations aims to reach every corner of the planet, face-to-face or virtually, to "crave" people from any country, socioeconomic stratum, religion, political tendency, sexual, race, and any difference that makes us more human and more complementary, to contribute to a global change that allows us to build a more responsible, fair, empathetic, equitable and conscious world. Thus understanding that there is only one common good, which is common!
Beginning with the planet we all inhabit, which is the inheritance for our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and the generations to come.
In spite of the magnitude of the global situation and the reach we get through technology, we still cannot measure the damage, we as a specie, have caused to our habitat and our peers.

We are convinced that, as inhabitants of this planet, our priorities as a specie, in this house that we inhabit and with the other beings that we share it with, should be just few and the same.
Therefore, we invite you to be part of this project, from simply using the tools to focus on improving the quality of life of this generation and those that are to come, creating practical solutions to help our ability to project from a redefined position, with the goal of achieving success, living a life with service purpose.

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Dream it, love it, live it

DREAM IT, LOVE IT & LIVE IT, is the compilation of some of the stories
that have marked me the most, throughout these 44 years of life, in which
I decided to leave my homeland in the beautiful Patagonia Argentina since
I was very young, to travel the world and discover for myself, that this life
makes sense if it is shared and we put it at the service of others, which
finally results in self-benefit.
These stories range from starting work since I was a little child to crossing
a river full of alligators or witnessing the narco war in Colombia.
DREAM IT, LOVE IT AND LIVE is an invitation to value every moment
of this life on this planet, fully, second by second.
I have been fortunate and I have found in this journey that the most
rewarding way to be alive is to put your life at the service of others. No
matter how much or how you do it, your legacy will make a difference.


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