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Our differences make us more complementary, to live in favor of building a more FAIR, RESPONSIBLE, EMPATHIC, EQUITABLE AND CONSCIOUS world.

We invite you to be part of this project, from simply using the tools to focus on improving the quality of life of this generation and those that are to come, creating practical solutions with the aim of achieving success, living a life with purpose, Understanding this as, putting our talents, skills, knowledge, abilities, etc. at the service of others.

What can you find in Aware Nations?


We focus on giving talks, related to our organizational values, in Universities, Colleges, Companies, in private events, etc.


You will find content such as blogs, podcasts, videos and other tools where you will learn practical solutions to project from a redefined position.


Meet different products and services that have a sustainable and friendly vision with our planet and all the species that inhabit it.

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Dream it, love it, live it.

DREAM IT, LOVE IT AND LIVE IT, It is the compilation of some of the stories that have marked me most throughout these 44 years of life, in which I decided to leave my homeland in the beautiful Patagonia Argentina, since I was very young to travel the world and discover for myself, that this life makes sense if it is shared and we put it at the service of others. What ultimately results in its own benefit. To discover that there are realities different from mine, and that the preconceived concepts all they do is keep us to the limit of the true talent offered by the differences of others.

Adventures that range from starting to work when he was still a child, to crossing a river full of alligators or witnessing the narco war in Colombia.


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