March 15: World Responsible Consumption Day

March 15: World Responsible Consumption Day

This date seeks to make us reflect on our current consumption model, in order to adopt behaviors that tend to take care of the environment.

Currently, the life cycle of a product involves a series of steps ranging from obtaining raw materials to the disposal of waste generated by its consumption. Therefore, when making a purchase, it is necessary to take into account the social and labor characteristics of production, and the subsequent environmental consequences.

Nowadays, excessive consumption leads to overexploitation of soil, water and air, thus generating changes in local living systems and the depletion of natural resources. Historically, certain production models do not take environmental care into account and, in order to reduce costs and increase profits, put animal and plant species, etc., at risk.

Being a responsible consumer means questioning certain points: Do I really need what I am going to buy? How was it manufactured? How am I going to dispose of the waste I generate?

Likewise, this concept implies taking into account the saving of resources in daily habits that we have incorporated, such as turning off lights that we are not using at home and unplugging electrical appliances. Some other tips could be:

  • Use reusable bags
  • Separate waste, reuse and recycle
  • Avoid food waste, and compost organic waste.
  • Remember to turn off faucets
  • Use bicycles as a means of transportation

All these actions aim to raise awareness to improve our quality of life as individuals and as part of a society. The two objectives to be achieved would be to consume less and that what we consume is as sustainable as possible.


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