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This book narrates my experiences of life since I consecrated Olympic champion from among more than 200,000,000 participants to this day where I am at your services. At 18 years old I leave Patagonia Argentina in search of experiences that help me decipher what and how of a life well lived. After many years of adventures around the world, I was very grateful to be alive and to live on such a spectacular planet, so I felt the need to find the necessary information to support the discovery and development of my purpose in life. From my perspective, in the game of life win those who dare to daydream and that’s why I want to share my experiences, to inspire you to follow your heart and whatever you also love, Love and Live, so you can Share your talents with the world and maximize your life experience, carefully sculpting your own definition of success in a purposeful life.

Acquire this book and animate to live your dreams !!!

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