The services we offer have to do with our corporate philosophy. We are an integral and synergistic part of this planet, therefore it is up to all of us, to be part of the transformation of a peaceful, fair world, with equal rights and in harmony with the environment.

Hire me to talk!

We focus on giving talks, related to our organizational values, in Universities, Colleges, Companies, in private events, etc. These talks include topics such as:

Being an active part in the fight against climate change: Knowing and showing the various ways in which we can contribute to minimize the collateral damage of climate change, through the creation of self-sustaining projects.

The importance of living with purpose: We are convinced that, as inhabitants of this planet, our priorities should be just the same, as a specie in this house we inhabit, with the other beings that we share it with. These priorities should be focused on achieving the common good. To do this, we must understand that our way of consuming and disposing is unsustainable, in every aspect of our lives.

Contents and recommended

We create content, blog, podcast, videos and other tools where you will learn practical solutions to project from a redefined position, with the aim of achieving success, living a life with a service purpose. You will be aware that your talents will be able to improve the quality of life of this generation and those that are to come.

We make recommendations in order to document a project related to the improvement and conservation of our planet, products and services that make a difference in the market. Do you have a brand that is defined like this?

Linking to events or talks

If you are interested in being part of this change, we offer you to show your brand as a sponsor in one of these talks or linking you in the event of your choice, which can range from: documenting a project related to the improvement and conservation of our planet, speaking publicly in universities and high schools, feed homeless children, support disadvantaged communities, work with schools, clean up nature’s garbage, plant trees, create an urban garden, make an event to promote alternative energies, etc., in which your brand will be visible in videos, photographs, banners and other advertising material.

We promote your products

Following our philosophy we have a store of products and services that goes in the same direction as our mission, friendly to our habitat and other species with which we share it, projects capable of going beyond an economic benefit but also capable of providing well-being to others, reducing their footprint with the environment.

We invite you to sell your products and / or services in our virtual store.