From AwareNations, changing the situation of our planet is an issue that begins by redefining the word success.

Hire me to speak!

With the arrival of the industrial revolution, our consumption began to get out of control, giving way to consumerism, which significantly and alarmingly invaded our society and made us responsible for the problems of our planet. We are destroying the house we inhabit, THE ONLY ONE WE HAVE and we have not dimensioned what this means, because our priorities have changed. We are more interested in the superfluous.  We have created a humanity that loves the disposable, disposable products, disposable human relationships.

We forgot that anthropologically we are social beings,that we live in community and that therefore, it would be the construction of a socially fair world, in harmony with the environment, in equality of rights and duties, what should move us as a species.

Some of us, lack the necessary information to be able to weigh the impacts that our consumption has on the environment. Plastics, food consumption, the clothes we wear, the use of technology, the uncontrolled reproduction, our unstoppable production of garbage or the way we move around. They are all pieces that add up to a consumerism that is degrading the natural environment, our home, the place that we intend to inherit for future generations and that only exists once.

Scientists say that we are reaching the point of no return, with the possible collapse of civilization estimated for 2030. We are facing the sixth mass extinction according to experts, in which the planet’s biodiversity is in serious danger. 

Therefore, in AwareNations, we want to inspire everyone to know, value and appropriate of everybody ´s role in the world, recognizing ourselves as part of a gear, in which each individual counts. This means that, everything we want to achieve in life, must be related to live a life with a purpose of service, for the collective´s good.