We start a journey with green energy

We start a journey with green energy

As you may know, about 6 years ago I made a trip of about 23.000 kilometers throughout Argentina with a Motorcycle that ran on hydrogen. I’ve also told you that this year will finally start the M.A.C. Expedition and the Green Hydrogen is going to be the energy source that will work inside the M.A.C. (Mobile Awareness Center).

Hydrogen is the most abundant and lightest of the elements on earth, it’s not found free in nature and it must be “extracted” from a variety of sources. One of them is based on the renewable energies that power the electrolysis of the water.
This is the so-called “green hydrogen” and it’s obtained from extractions that are carried out in specific organic plants for this purpose, in wich, through the formulation of it’s own energy (by windmills or similar) and the use of clean fresh water, the Green Hydrogen (H2v) is generated.

This process is known as Electrolysis and it allows to separate the hydrogen (H2) from the oxigen (O) that there’s in the water (H2O) by means of electric current, therefore, if this electricity is obtained from renewable sources, we will produce energy without emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Among its main advantages we find that it is 100% sustainable since it does not emit polluting gases either during combustion or during the production process.

Other advantages are that hydrogen is easy to store, it is also transportable and versatile, since it can be transformed into electricity or synthetic fuels and used for domestic, commercial, industrial or mobility purposes.
As you can see green hydrogen is something we have to aim to develop, research and use every day a little more.

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