World Day for the Environmental Education

World Day for the Environmental Education

January the 26th is the World Day for the Environmental Education, and it’s celebrated internationally to emphasize the importance of education as a way to raise awareness about environmental care.

This date was originated from the Declaration of the United Nations Conference on the Environment held in Stockholm, Sweden, in June 1972.

Environmental education is a participative process that seeks to raise people’s awareness of environmental problems at both the global and local levels. Through this model, it seeks to have an impact on the different influential agents of society, since all of us have an influence when it comes to preventing and resolving environmental situations.

From AwareNations we emphasize the importance of citizen participation to protect the environment. We are aware of the existing problems such as: species extinction, glaciers melting, global warming, and so many other inconveniences.

Here we recommend you a few little daily actions that we can do to take care of the environment:

– Economize the use of water and electric energy.

-Choose consumption that produces less waste.

-Use alternative means of transportation in the city.

-Eliminate the use of plastic bags.

-Separate your waste

We need to learn correct behaviors towards the environment, not only to know it. Nature is not an inexhaustible source of resources, but a fragile ecosystem that has its own requirements that must be respected for our own interest and survival.



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