World Energy Day

World Energy Day

World Energy Day was established in 1949 to promote the use of alternative energy sources and to reduce the use of non-renewable energy.

Far from being a problem of the past, the universal access to energy keeps presenting a number of challenges today. This is why World Energy Day is celebrated every February 14 to raise awareness of the importance of ensuring global energy access.

 According to one of the last anual reports of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), more than a third part of the world’s population doesn’t have access to advanced forms of energy. The 30 more developed countries on the planet, representing a 15% of the total population, consume more than 60% of these modern forms of energy. 

Today, the incorrect and abusive use of the energy results in an increase in greenhouse gas emissions and the worsening of climate change. Therefore, it is important to raise awareness of the role of energy in our daily lives and to take more environmentally sustainable measures.

One of the most important actions is to bet for renewable energies, because that means betting on a sustainable energy system in which that the CO2 emissions  in the atmosphere are reduced.

The solar energy, using the sun’s radiation could replace electricity. It’s also a much more economical source of energy than other alternatives. In the same vein, wind energy is also gaining ground: in this case, the kinetic energy of the wind is harnessed and then converted into mechanical or electrical energy.

We could name more renewable options, but these two examples are more than enough to show that a new and more sustainable energy model is possible.


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