World Wildlife and Nature Day

World Wildlife and Nature Day

World Wildlife Day is an occasion to celebrate the beauty and variety of wild flora and fauna.  It is also known as World Nature Day and seeks to raise awareness of the multitude of benefits they bring and the urgent need to combat environmental crime and the decline of species due to human activity.

  • Some of the threats to the planet’s wildlife include the following:
  • Poaching, overfishing and species trafficking.
  • Degradation, fragmentation and destruction of wildlife habitats.
  • Climate change.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Exploitation and overexploitation of natural resources.
  • Indiscriminate felling of trees.
  • Disappearance of ecosystems.
  • Use of chemical treatments to increase the growth of conifers.
  • Proliferation of invasive species in habitats other than their original geographic distribution.

Each species is important within the natural environment where it lives, either as food for other animals or as pest control. They prevent the massive proliferation of any animal or plant organism that could cause havoc in the environment.

To the extent that we care for each plant and animal, we will be able to guarantee our own conservation.


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