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Every day, we are more people that come to understand that change comes from within oneself through the opportunities created by an authentic change; by informing ourselves about the resources that are available to make a difference at any level that we propose ourselves; and by taking into account the daily actions that define us as inhabitants of our community, society and the planet.

Aware Nations was born through a Dynamic Awareness Center that showcases tools people can use to focus on improving the quality-of-life of this generation and the ones to come; practical solutions to assist our ability of projecting ourselves from a redefined position, aiming at success through a life of purpose.

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Dream it, love it, live it

This book narrates my experiences of life since I consecrated Olympic champion from among more than 200,000,000 participants to this day where I am at your services. At 18 years old I leave Patagonia Argentina in search of experiences that help me decipher what and how of a life well lived. After many years of adventures around the world, I was very grateful to be alive and to live on such a spectacular planet, so I felt the need to find the necessary information to support the discovery and development of my purpose in life


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