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Mac Expedition: It is a journey of more than 10,000 miles across America, and is the latest Expedition created by AwareNations. In 2019, Expedition Alegría ended, and AwareNations is currently preparing to begin its new Expedition in 2021.

The Expedition was named “M.A.C.” (Mobile Awareness Center) for the mobile phone in which it will be unemployed: a motor home equipped with innovative sustainable technologies that will serve as an awareness center throughout the Three Americas.

Over the course of 3 years we will visit 13 countries and some of the challenges will be: +300 talks at universities and high schools with different topics, including:

- The importance of redefining what we call success

We are convinced that, as inhabitants of this planet, there should be only one of our priorities as a species in this house that we inhabit, with the other beings that share it. These priorities must be focused on achieving the common good. To do this, we must understand that our way of consuming and discarding is unsustainable, in every aspect of our lives.

- Be an active part in the fight against climate change.

Knowing and showing the various ways in which we can contribute to minimizing the collateral damage of climate change, through the creation of self-sustaining projects.



outdoors, in which documented projects are carried out that can highlight different topics depending on the context of the place. At the end it will be open to discuss the topic.


in media between radio, television, newspapers and virtual media, in these spaces the message is almost always the same (the importance of recognizing the tools that allow us to create significant changes in society and the environment).


with awareness campaigns on different topics.


of garbage collected in natural areas: beaches, rivers, deserts and mountains


of garbage collected in natural areas: beaches, rivers, deserts and mountains


planted as a contribution to the fight against climate change

One of the most important objectives is to document, through interviews, individuals involved in organizations, ecological communities, rural and urban, inventors, entrepreneurs of businesses related to ecology, professionals in personal transformation and all types of leaders who apply methods, systems , products and knowledge, whose purpose is to improve our quality of life and coexistence between us and the planet.

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