AwareNations is a dynamic awareness center that aims to raise awareness about the consequences that we face because of the way that our consumption habits have had on the environment, making us aware of all the tools available to make a difference, not only improving our quality of life , but our relationship with the planet.


Improve the quality of life of people and their relationship with the environment, raising awareness about the importance of living in order to serve humanity, presenting knowledge, tools, products and services that allow us to redefine the relationship with ourselves and the planet we cohabit


AwareNations will position itself as a center of dynamic awareness, which will be a reference for all people who seek to improve their quality of life, based on their relationship with the planet and its inhabitants, presenting tools related to redirecting the meaning of human sustainability systems.


Group the largest number of tools related to the redirection of the meaning of human sustainability systems.


To inspire

Empower and inspire to live a life with the purpose of serving humanity, recognizing us as part of a whole, in which each individual counts, in which each individual has a role, despite our differences, understanding this as, putting our talents, skills, knowledge, abilities, etc. at the service of others.

To raise awareness:

Conduct awareness campaigns regarding the practical solutions available to minimize collateral damage from climate change

To inform

To share information and content to strengthen the community actions.


Replicate the different actions of individuals and companies, which have already begun to reduce their negative impact on the planet.


To Promote a positive change in the perspective of the community, recognizing us all the same, with the same rights and duties.


Solidarity campaigns in order to share, donate and support the community.

Aware Nations

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