Ways to Help

This is where your participation is a key to taking these activities to the next level.

Be a sponsor

By becoming a sponsor, we offer you different ways to recognize and make your support visible. Have your logo on our website, social networks, videos, t-shirts, events, projects, road trips, during public talks, in interviews, etc.

Support Awarenations

You can help us with the amount that fits your pocket and we will thank you in our videos and social networks. You can also benefit from the different services we offer. Your support will be part of the global transformation that benefits everyone.


By buying any product or hiring any of our services, you are supporting this dynamic awareness center, whose main objective is to provide tools so that people can improve their quality of life by creating a more sustainable relationship with society and the planet.

Be a volunteer

You can support Awarenations in different ways, such as “spread” the voice on social networks, helping us with your talents, if you know how to write, take pictures, edit a video, etc., you can join us when creating a project in your local community, etc.